Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Hump day everyone

Hiya everyone
sorry we havent posted in awhile, momma has had brain farts and not knowing what to write.. MOL
maybe we should just post furry photos daily with a little story.. mol we aren't sure

also momma is dealing with some nasty people at this temp job she is working at.. its a warehouse/office job, which the temp company lied to her and told her from day one it was  data entry job, which it isnt.
the boss has treated her like a moron from day one. and the last week or so its gotten to her, the people are nasty ( even thou she just has to work with 4 other women and a warehouse with some tow motor guys)
the pay sucks $8.50 esp. for the way she gets treated.
Yesterday, she just had it... this lady told her ( cuz momma was doing something new) that if she needed help to ask. Well she did and then this lady told the boss that momma was bothering her..

its all a mess, its a horrible place.. and momma been putting up with it.. but she isnt anymore, she wrote the temp co. a email last night and told her she would stay there for now, didnt want to be hired in, and would be looking for other work

The boss is sooo nasty, last month her uncle ( my human grandma's brother ) passed away, and the nasty boss had the nerve to say to her, ..."well you dont need to go to the wake and funeral all day do you? you can just go for a hour cant you" momma really didnt say anything, cuz.. well yea what the witch said was true because she isnt real close to that uncle, but its still the point its family

And lately they havent had enough work for her, so her boss told her she can wash the walls in the office.. umm dont think so , thats not what she is there for

OK.. im gonna stop now, just wanted to vent.. im sorry for complaining

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Tuesday June 2 2014

Hiya everyone

wow me and momma are kinda sad, our very first couple blogs had tons of comments and followers and stuff.. and then we fell off the blogging world and came back now and noone is here :(
we dont know if its cuz people and furrys gave up on us writting or its summer..

we hope to get our friends and readers back soon we miss you all :(

Monday, June 2, 2014

HELLOOO OUT THERE.. sorry for being MIA

Hiya to all my furry and human friends out there in blogger land MOL
so so sorry me and momma been MIA for sooooooooooo long

Momma had just got sooo depressed from not working and no money.. and then April time she got this yucky temporary job... she dont like it but its money for now.. the hours suck 9:30am till 6pm monday thru friday, the money sucks $8.50 a hour and they people arent very nice MOL but she gotta do what she gotta do . She goes in and does her work and leaves, only good thing is its in a warehouse, so in the office its the boss ( who is a totaly witchy) and then 4 other women, who can be B**** too MOL
she dont wanna be any of their friends and dont wanna hang out with them.. Thats what our furry friends are for online :) be it here, FB,Catster etc. :)

Anyhow, but we are alive.. and momma is trying to get her stuff back on track, and stay motivated to post here, catster, etc.
So hopefully you will hear more from us now..

Other then the job, not much exciting going on.. Summer is here, been pretty warm.. which we are glad to be rid of the cold and snow now.. ( dont come back either MOL)

Momma is trying to get her photo offers going again on catster so if any of you know us on there, be on the look out for father's day photos. Also momma finally found the paper with the birthdays of my humand grandma's boy cats and we will be adding them to our account there hopefully this week. Also momma says she wants to get the games up again that she ran in the one group there.

We are patiently waiting for Catscouts to come back online too.

So thats about it for now.. momma gotta wake up now, and get washed up and such and do somethings, ( like getting her new phone set up.. MOL she just got it saturday and hope the witch dont fire her anytime soon)

So hopefully we will be posting some more this week

Love you all

xoxo Nibbler and momma  Yvonne