Monday, October 20, 2014

CHRISTMAS is coming .. YAY

Hello out there
i am not sure who still even bothers to stop by and check up on our blog as we are soooooo
very slacking and dont write very much.. we is soooooo bad LOL

anyhow.. with the holidays coming up.. me and Nibbler do a yearly Christmas card exchange
and also an Santa Paws Gift exchange

so the purpose of this short short blog is to let everyone know we are doing this
and for those who would love to join us and exchange cards for the holidays, please leave me a comment on how to get ahold of you, or just email us at and let us know if your interested to sign up

maybe we can find some kinda blog hop to also share our holiday event.


  1. Well your buddy Timmy is here. Hope you will pick this up a bit over the holidays

  2. Buster was wondering how did you like the catnip toys he sent you for Cheezmaus.He will be sending you some more later this week.

  3. Hi, Its Moms who lives with Aspen, Willow, Mango and Tigger. (note: MapleKitten died at age 2 of Kidney Cancer, so she is an Angel now.) Anyway, I as the Hello Kitty Lovers House came to say that Tomorrow, Tuesday, December22nd it is Aspens 11th Birthday and there is gonna be a Grilled Salmon, Asparagus, and Mashed Sweetpotato Dinner about 5ish until Midnight! Nibbler we are here to purr-sonaly invite you to Aspens Surprise Birthday Party! Come when you can even earlier or later, stop on in at HKL House!

  4. Hi Nibbler. What a Meowy Christmas. I loved your sweater at the the Ugly Sweater Pawty and hope to see you on Mew Years. Today we are on my bloggie sweetums
    You Manly Man Cat