Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Hump day everyone

Hiya everyone
sorry we havent posted in awhile, momma has had brain farts and not knowing what to write.. MOL
maybe we should just post furry photos daily with a little story.. mol we aren't sure

also momma is dealing with some nasty people at this temp job she is working at.. its a warehouse/office job, which the temp company lied to her and told her from day one it was  data entry job, which it isnt.
the boss has treated her like a moron from day one. and the last week or so its gotten to her, the people are nasty ( even thou she just has to work with 4 other women and a warehouse with some tow motor guys)
the pay sucks $8.50 esp. for the way she gets treated.
Yesterday, she just had it... this lady told her ( cuz momma was doing something new) that if she needed help to ask. Well she did and then this lady told the boss that momma was bothering her..

its all a mess, its a horrible place.. and momma been putting up with it.. but she isnt anymore, she wrote the temp co. a email last night and told her she would stay there for now, didnt want to be hired in, and would be looking for other work

The boss is sooo nasty, last month her uncle ( my human grandma's brother ) passed away, and the nasty boss had the nerve to say to her, ..."well you dont need to go to the wake and funeral all day do you? you can just go for a hour cant you" momma really didnt say anything, cuz.. well yea what the witch said was true because she isnt real close to that uncle, but its still the point its family

And lately they havent had enough work for her, so her boss told her she can wash the walls in the office.. umm dont think so , thats not what she is there for

OK.. im gonna stop now, just wanted to vent.. im sorry for complaining


  1. Some temp jobs are really hell! Mommy did temps off and on. Some were pretty nice. Others--not so much. On one of her "real" jobs they didn't want to pay her funeral pay the day after her father's funeral. It was out of state and she was supposed to have a "paid travel day"! She also asked them not to send a particular flower (family allergies) but they did anyway. Then there was the temp job where she had to wash the dishes (and answer phones! It was an office!) We could go on and on, unfortunately. Mommy, hang in there! Vent to us if you need to. My Mommy understands totally!

  2. We're sorry your mom has such a bad job. We purr that things get better.

  3. Sounds like a really BAD situation.....your Mom is brave to put up with it so she can get a paycheck - I hope the temp agency can come up with something ELSE for her where she can be treated like a HUMAN and do something she at least enjoys doing! Paws crossed for her.....

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. I am sorry about having to work in that enviroment. Makes it very stressful. My last job was like that. I hope you can find a better job. Hugs.
    Sue B

  5. What a horrible place and a nasty bunch of people!!

  6. Oh That sounds so nasty I am so sorry. Dad always says quality of life is the most important thing. He almost quit the job he has now due to the way the unit he worked in was run. Luckily he had a chance to change to another department.
    I do hope you find a good job soon.
    Dad gets so mad when he sees the news about how good things are.

    Hey Lets go to the Drive in tonight!
    Let me know when you will be ready over at Cat Scouts

  7. Hi Nibbler and Mom!! This is Sampson from Cat Scouts! We just saw on the Cat Scouts sidebar that you have a blog and wanted to come by and say hello.
    We hope that your mommy's job situation has gotten better since this post was written. It sounds terrible!!! We are purring that she is able to find something much better!